Happy Easter from your favorite anti-drug activist 

Happy Easter from your favorite anti-drug activist 



Easter is coming and it’s right around the corner!

Here at Badlydrawnedmdjs, we believe in creativity, even in that stupid way. So as I, the admin of this blog, would like to announce that there will be a contest!

This blank egg you see on this post will be the egg you will be spilling your creative mind on! It can be badly drawn, or it can be nicely drawn, funny, sad, or you know just whatever floats your boat! The only rule is that it cannot be NSFW.

The submit will be open from now until Easter Sunday.


This Saturday when Detective Hugo Comic #8 comes out, there will be hidden eggs in some frames. Now I’m not sure how many there will be but when I do I will edit this post. You must find all the eggs in order to win. First person to find all of them wins first place, and there’s also second and third, because it’s fair. You must submit your findings to me, you can circle them from the frames, or you can tell me exactly where you found them! 

Now most of you may ask: What the fuck is the prize?

The prize will be the biggest shit I’ve ever given out. There are 1.5k people following this blog don’t you pussy out on this contest you numbskulls these prizes will knock your damn socks off! There will be separate first, second and third place winners for both contests. Meaning one first prize winner for the egg, and one first prize winner for the egg hunt, and if you have a rabbits tail on you then you might be first prize winners for both you lucky son of a bitch!

The prizes as I said will be huge!!! For the egg here are the prizes:

  1. First place winner gets their egg presented onto this blog, a badlydrawnedmdjs t-shirt (COMING SOON. DONT DROP YOUR PANTS JUST YET. THIS IS SOME EXCLUSIVE SHIT.) either a design picked by you or a request made by you, and of course the ol’ good fashioned kandi!***
  2. Second place winner get their egg published to this blog and a free day to request whatever their desire is that they couldn’t for some reason because of rules
  3. Third place winner will just get their egg published to this blog! (Wah wah waahhh) (It’s better than losing trust me)

For the egg hunt here’s what the winners get:

  1. First prize winner gets recognition on this blog (Like literally in the form of “praise this person they are higher than God himself”) and they get to create next week’s Detective Hugo comic!! (How cool would that be? If you don’t think that’s the tightest shit ever then don’t bother entering)
  2. Second place winner gets recognition and get to do some of the requests on this blog!
  3. Third place winner will just get some cool ass recognition!!! (Hell yeah you go third place winner you did it!)

This is like getting a lifetime supply of kush that can fill your entire bedroom (Get it cause Easter is on 420). 

***DISCLAIMER: If you’re the first prize winner for the egg, chances are you won’t get your cool ass shit till months later, because last time I did a contest I didn’t sent out the winners package till Christmas. Patience is bliss though and I won’t rat you out like a douchebag. 

Why such a big contest on Easter (especially if it’s a religious holiday)? Why the fuck not I mean I love you guys and I love this blog why wouldn’t I do this?? You think I’m some greedy bitch? Nah son you gotta get with the fans!

So, in closing, I hope you all have a good Easter, and all of my love to you guys. 

Seriously. Almost 1.6k are following this blog. I can’t imagine no one doing this contest when I’m giving away something exclusive. 

Don’t be afraid to enter and try! Effort is always good! You never know, you might win, might be that lucky rabbits foot you have in your room somewhere.

Have a safe and happy Easter, Good Friday, and all that religious stuff. 


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